Medical Intuitive, Shamanic Studies, Integrative Therapy

M.Ed., C.A.S., C.S.S., Fellow APA, Diplomate AAIM, Member ACEP

Wendy Marks is a Medical Intuitive and Rehabilitation Counselor with thirty years of practice in traditional and complementary health therapies.

With significant experience in helping people improve their physical, mental and spiritual health, she provides:
  • Medical Intuitive Sessions
  • Energy Healing
  • Integrative Therapy
  • Shamanic Studies
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Medicine
These services are provided to Wendy's clients locally, nationally and internationally.
See Wendy's article "What is a Medical Intuitive" for more information about her abilities.

Wendy has extensive knowledge in both traditional medicine and non-traditional therapies, and has used her skills to help those who couldn't find relief through traditional means alone.

"I had terrible headaches for months. My neurologist had no idea what was wrong with me. But after just one session with Wendy, she identified the problem with my spine. I am now pain free and enjoying life again."

In addition to her work as a Medical Intuitive, Wendy is a sought-after conference speaker and columnist. Some of her speaking engagements focus on topics such as:

Chronic vs. Acute Illness: Western and Alternative Care Models

Supplements and Vitamins: The New Drugs, Uses and Abuses

Psychic Abilities and Spirituality

Developing Your Intuition

To compliment her knowledge of non-traditional health therapies, Wendy has a broad range of expertise with traditional medicine. She holds a post master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a C.S.S. degree from Harvard. She is a Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association, a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and a Diplomate of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Please note that Wendy Marks does not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medicine. She is a partner in health with her clients to help them achieve a happy and healthy life.

Treatment Philosophy

Freedom #2
"As a healer, I strive to work with individuals in a way that promotes a peaceful and healthy planet."

Wendy's philosophy engenders positive healing to counteract the conflict and pain that washes over us in our daily lives. While watching negative images on the news, the many systems of your body are still working in harmony; your heart beats in time, your digestive system assimilates what you feed it, and your mind processes information. And yet, you are being affected by the stressful images being presented.

How do we keep the negative influences at bay, while simultaneously enjoying our life on this amazing blue planet?

Strive to remain conscious of the miracles in our daily lives - our children's laughter, our lover's touch, our parents' wisdom, our friends' support.

Realize that the choices we make in life can ripple forward and provide the world with positive growth. Each action does not exist separately from all others, but is part of the symphony of life.

We must learn to live in accord with our families, remembering that most of the discord we experience comes from our own state of imbalance. It is important to reflect on the goodness we share, not the irritation of the moment.

As a part of the world community, we all must make a place in our lives for healing in the larger sense. This can include forgoing the use of pesticides around our home, participating in a road cleanup, or donating to environmental organizations that work each day to save our natural resources.

We must connect and be conscious of our shared ability and responsibility to heal. In this way we can all move toward a place of renewal and peace.

Treatment Approach

Lotus Flower

Frequently Asked QUestions

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My goal is to make our time together as beneficial as possible. One way to do that is to be efficient; I don"t want you to feel that we are wasting any time going over basic information when we first meet. So I ask you to speak with my assistant first so she can gather things like past medical history, a list of any medications you are taking, details of past surgeries, and any relevant psychosocial information. If this is done before you and I get together, I can review the information and spend our time together focusing on the reason you are here.

In other practices you may spend the entire first meeting discussing basic information without ever getting to the issues. I want to use our time together for your benefit.

No, you don"t have to bring anything, unless you did not tell my assistant about any medications or supplements you are taking. All medication information is important.

All of my clients receive a comprehensive plan stating what you should do to get healthier and happier. You may also receive specific referrals to other professionals; I have a large number of contacts in both traditional and alternative health fields.

It"s hard to say. Each person is an individual with specific issues and healing abilities. An injury that takes someone else a long time to heal may only take you a short time.

Medical Intuitive Body Scans

My goal is to make our time together as beneficial as possible. One way to do that is to be efficient; I don"t want you to feel that we are wasting any time going over basic information when we first meet. So I ask you to speak with my assistant first so she can gather things like past medical history, a list of any medicationThe initial body scan meeting takes about 90 minutes. I will briefly review the information on the intake form that you filled out with my assistant, and discuss things that may need clarification. Then I will then ask you to prioritize your concerns, so we can address those items that are important to you first.

I will then do a comprehensive scan of your entire body and provide you with information that I receive from it; this information might be both general and specific regarding the state of your health. There is never any need to disrobe.

During the body scan process you can ask me any question as we go along. At the end of the session we develop a personalized health plan for you which may include additional services with me, another provider, traditional medical care, or other treatment options. You are always welcome to email me with questions, and every person who completes a Medical Intuitive Body Scan receives a free 15 minute follow-up. This is to allow you the chance to discuss any questions that may have come up after we meet.

If you wish to continue to work with me, I base my time on 15 minute increments (see Fee Schedule for fees).

Imagine you are looking at a movie of a working body; you will see the organs, the blood flow, the nervous system, muscles and other body structures. Not only do I see the exact same thing, I also see diseases, pain, and illness; in fact, I even see in color.

I see cancer as fingers around the tumor site, and when it"s moving I see the motion. Recently I scanned a client who had severe headaches. When I looked at him I saw the nerves in his neck as neon lights, and I could see the cervical discs in his neck were misaligned and the disc pads were swollen. The very next day he saw his chiropractor, had some x-rays taken, and discovered he had pinched nerves in his neck that were causing his headaches, caused by the misaligned discs.

When I do a body scan and see a problem with someone, it is obvious to me that something is amiss. However, we have to remember that what I am seeing is a snapshot in time of that moment only, not in the past. Together we then have to figure out how the condition came to pass. It could be congenital, or caused by disease, an accident, a bad fall, or a number of other reasons.

Once I conduct the initial body scan, any contact with me within the year does not require a new scan, unless the person has experienced an event that may change their medical status (such as a car accident). However, if someone comes back to me after a year has gone by since the first scan and we have not had any contact, a new full body scan is needed, due to the ever-changing physical conditions of the body.

We don"t have to be in the same room together. I work with people all across the globe as well as locally. We can either use a telephone or Skype.

No, please continue to see any doctor that you are currently seeing. Additionally, if you are seeing a doctor for a condition, any advice I give you should be reviewed by your doctor. We have to remember that sometimes it takes a team approach to help someone get better. I want to work with your physician, and I am happy to contact and discuss treatment with your doctor.

Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy creates an interactive decision-making process for all aspects of a person's wellness. I provide this approach for the benefit of mind, body and spirit. I believe that "we"re not just a head," so my sessions take into consideration a psychological, spiritual and physical solution.

I am traditionally trained as a therapist, so my confidentiality requirements are the same as any other psychotherapist.

Yes, I work with mood disorders all the time. Because the relationship between the systems in the human body is so integrated, a full body scan may be appropriate to rule out underlying physical issues. You may also want to review the other services I offer for your condition.

Energy Healing

All living things have their own energy. And yet, sometimes this energy gets "stuck" and needs to be released gently in order to bring the body back into balance. My energy healing is done on a table; we start with a gentle meditation and I use a light touch to balance the energy and achieve flow throughout the body. There is never any pain or pressure.

My experience covers acupressure, Reiki, craniosacral and massage therapy; my treatments are a distillation of all of those.

Soul Retrieval

Our lives are filled with so many types of events. Some of these are traumatic, and parts of ourselves are loss through this trauma, in this or other lifetimes.

In order to retrieve those parts and integrate them back into ourselves, I use Soul Retrieval to assist in the healing process and regenerate parts of us that are missing or damaged. I am also comfortable working with entities or spiritual issues that need resolution.

Shamanic Studies

This is a one-on-one program for those with a sincere interest in the understanding and practice of Shamanic Healing. It"s for people who want to find their higher path and learn how to best do so.

This program will allow you to find your unique spiritual path that feels best for you. Because I only accept very few individuals for this program, a phone discussion before we meet is required for prequalification.

Services Offered

Wendy"s extensive abilities provide her with the skills to conduct medical intuitive body scans, integrative psychotherapy, energy healing, soul retrieval and energy medicine, and Shamanic studies sessions to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Medical Intuitive Body Scan

Wendy can intuitively see into your body, much like a CT scan, to identify and address physical health concerns including chronic conditions often undiagnosed by conventional methods. This is a ninety minute session of viewing and assessing health concerns and strengths including a head-to-toe mental scan of your body.

Integrative Psychotherapy

This is holistic therapy for your mind, body, and spirit. Integrative psychotherapy focuses on creating an interactive decision-making process for all aspects of a person's wellness. This therapy creates a template for making growth-challenging decisions that best benefit the wellness of a person's whole being.

Energy Healing

Wendy provides energy healing sessions, drawing from the disciplines of Reiki, energy balancing, personal totem pole process, craniosacral, accupressure and zero balancing. She will often use guided imagery to help improve the energy flow, or chi, creating wellness and an improved sense of well-being. Areas of tension and chakras that hold energy are released, and energy flow is improved.

Soul Retrieval

Many times parts of us are lost through traumatic events, in this time or others. Wendy can help you work to heal; she is also comfortable working with entities or spiritual issues that need resolution.

Shamanic Studies

Do you have a sincere interest in the understanding and practice of Shamanic Healing? Wendy is currently taking on new students in a one-on-one program that focuses on the following:

  • Clearing any blockages that may impede the following of your path toward your specific physical, mental or spiritual destination
  • Exploring your role as a healer and future Shaministic worker (light worker)
  • Defining your path and learning the tools needed to follow that path
  • Assisting in the transition toward that goal while staying in the right relation to the Earth and all her beings.

Articles written for Wendy's column
in the Boston Women's Journal

Speaker Information

Audience at IgniteCardiff #23
With a broad range of knowledge in traditional medicine and non-traditional therapies, Wendy is a sought-after speaker at conferences, expos, universities, health centers and informal meetings.

The interaction between her and the audience, and the opportunity for learning, never fails to provide a sense of exhilaration.

Wendy also writes extensively on numerous topics, and can provide your publication with a creative and innovative perspective.

Please call Wendy to discuss how she can educate, enlighten and provide your group with a vast range of information on traditional and non-traditional topics. Fees may vary depending on audience size, location and group composition.

Topics include:

  • Psychic Abilities and Spirituality
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • The Shamanic Journey
  • Integrative Psychotherapy: Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit with new Pathways
  • Autoimmune Disorders and Allergies: Origins and Possible Treatment Plans
  • Choosing Appropriate Care for Each Individual: What is Right for You?
  • Chronic vs. Acute Illness: Western and Alternative Care Models
  • Supplements and Vitamins: The New Drugs, Uses and Abuses
  • Energetic First Aid

Past engagements:

  • National Organization for Women, Women's 40+ Owner's Manual, Boston, MA
  • National Institute for Whole Health, Newton/Wellesley Hospital, Newton, MA
  • WCVB, Channel 5, Chronicle, Boston, MA
  • WRKO, AM 680, Taste of Boston Tonight, Boston, MA
  • Alternative Health Pulse Commentator's Corner New England Reiki Conference, Boxborough, MA
  • Channel 9 Framingham Television, Framingham, MA Greater Boston Chapter American Society of Dowsers, Bedford, MA
  • WCVB, Channel 5 News, Boston, MA METNET (The Metaphysical Network), North Attleboro, MA
  • National Association for Women, Worcester, MA
  • Natural Living & Wellness Expo, Manchester, NH Mass College of Pharmacy, Boston, MA
  • Judith Swack Associates, Needham, MA
  • Marino Center, Cambridge, MA
  • Maya"s Dream Healing Arts Center, Natick, MA

Client Testimonials

Shown here are just some of the many kind words Wendy's clients have expressed over the years.

"Several years ago my thyroid swelled up and I could tell that the doctor thought it was cancer. This is how I found Wendy and her truly amazing gift. I was blown away when Wendy could look into my body and tell me exactly what was going on.

Even though I didn't believe it was cancer, hearing Wendy say 'It doesn't look like cancer but it's something that you need to take care of' was such a wonderful and powerful confirmation for me. I had been working way too hard and this warning shot across the bow made me realize it was time to make changes. It was so comforting and helpful to call on Wendy's expertise as I went through the process of healing my thyroid.

Since then, my life has slowly evolved into one of sanity. I can't thank you enough for being there Wendy. I will forever be grateful for your truly amazing gift!"

Ann Taylor, Asheville, NC

"Having never been much of a believer in things I can't see or understand, I was skeptical when I went to see Wendy. But to my amazement she picked up on my 'root canal' in process, and the pain I was having from fibrocystic disease in my left breast immediately. She reassured me about the pains and aches that had been terribly worrisome to me. She saw into my character in a way that was very supportive and life affirming."

A.C., Palm Beach, FL

"My therapy experience has been amazing. I have grown and changed beyond my wildest dreams. My life course is now totally different, cleaner and healthier."

N.J., Newton, MA

"I've never met anyone like her. I didn't know people like her existed, and if I had I would have gone to her before I went to the doctor. I would have been able to tell the doctor what to look for."

J.H., London, UK

"I have been working with Wendy in Shamanic studies for over two years. I am now choosing a course of action in my life that would have not sounded believable to me before. I am very happy."

R.M., Palmer, MA

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Many types of practitioners will gather at PATH to focus on an individual's needs, providing an alternative to the scattered approach to wellness and care that often occurs. This traditional approach has become untenable for many people due to the expense and the time wasted searching for both the correct method and practitioner to solve a problem. Here all major alternative modalities, and some Western medical ones, would be under one roof.

Practitioners will be conveniently based at the center so the "one-stop shopping" concept can be effective, with intake, treatment, and post care at a single site. Care will range from chiropractic, nutrition, and physical therapy to homeopathy, detoxification, medical intuition and more.

Some of the additional areas planned include a wellness center with yoga, spiritual training, a conference center and wellness-related instruction for both the layperson and the professional. A homeopathic overnight clinic, a customized educational restaurant, and massage and skin care facilities are also planned.

Your Soul's Companion

Are you spiritually gifted? If you have heard that little voice in your head and wondered, "Where do I begin?" this book is for you.

If you are seeking to discover your own spiritual path, Your Soul"s Companion is a practical guide to the spiritual tools you need to thrive in our challenging times.

Woven into the informative text are simple exercises and many personal stories from Wendy Marks" fascinating practice as a spiritual teacher and medical intuitive, and from her personal life. You"ll find straightforward explanations of such topics as

  • shamanism
  • the chakra system
  • meditation
  • the different types of intuitive gifts
  • and more...

You"ll learn the cornerstones of spiritual practice, including self-protection and how to set up a sacred space for your own personal retreat.

Your journey begins here. Let"s get started!

Now available on audiobook!

AudioFile Magazine has just reviewed the audiobook of Your Soul's Companion:
"(Wendy Marks') soothing and convincing tone encourages listeners to open themselves to a spiritual map that leads to calm and clarity of mind."
"The well-conceived book has a straightforward presentation void of ego. A valuable guide to spiritual principles and practices that aptly covers the basics plus a few twists."
- Kirkus Review
"Your Soul"s Companion is a practical, inspiring guide to begin or deepen your spiritual journey. Wendy"s writing is warm and inviting and full of great advice. You"ll feel like you"re talking with your best friend!"
- Lynn A. Robinson
Author, Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity
"Your Soul"s Companion offers an accessible and captivating introduction to shamanism. Wendy Marks brings to this book not only the benefit of an intuitive"s special gift, but her engaging sense of humor, compassion, wide clinical experience and balanced perspective. Straightforward and informative, I would recommend Your Soul"s Companion to anyone."
- Jerry Kantor
Author, Interpreting Chronic Illness, and The Toxic Relationship Cure

Fee Schedule

Wendy is available for consultation by appointment either in person or by phone. To ensure the best possible service for you, an initial telephone intake interview is required.

Part of Wendy's mission is to educate people to the alternative and augmentative therapies available. If you have questions about these therapies, please call Wendy for a complimentary 15 minute discussion. No question is too simple or too complex.

Business Hours: Weekdays and evenings by appointment.

Medical Intuition Services:
  • Initial 90 minute body scan - $350
    This includes a FREE 15-minute follow-up telephone consultation within the first three months of your initial visit.
  • Follow-up visits - $130 per hour
    available in quarter-hour increments.
Telephone Consultation:
  • 15 minute session - $40
  • 30 minute session - $65
Integrative Psychotherapy:
  • 60 minute session - $130
  • 90 minute session - $165
Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval:
  • 60 minute session - $130
  • 90 minute session - $165
Shamanic Studies:

  • 90 minute session - $165
Please note: Wendy understands that sometimes the state of the economy can make life difficult for people, and sometimes difficult choices have to be made. However, your mental, spiritual and physical well-being are a priority. Arrangements are available for clients who may need to pay over time.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

To provide her clients with the maximum benefit possible, Wendy reserves appointment times exclusively for that person; If a client does not show up for an appointment, she cannot schedule someone else without a minimum of 24 hours notice.

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you may call and leave a message at the office at any time to cancel.

"No Shows" or appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice will result in a charge:

  • Appointments of less than a half hour will result in a charge of $50.00 (fifty) dollars.
  • Appointments scheduled for a half hour or more will be charged the amount of the appointment.





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